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Lymm May Queen from 1948 to take part in the annual parade this year

Lymm’s May Queen from 1948 is set to take part in the annual parade once again this year.

Dorothy Greenhalgh, who is a resident at Keate House Residential Home, was crowed Lymm’s first May Queen after World War Two in 1948.

Her name was drawn from a hat seven decades ago, and memories of her experience as May Queen are still etched in her heart today.

Something that made the experience even more unforgettable for Dorothy was that her brother, who was serving in the RAF, came home in time to see her take part in the grand procession.

Now, in 2024, Dorothy will take part in the parade once again aboard the Keate House minibus.

The parade holds deep significance for both residents and staff at Keate House, who view it as an opportunity to uphold local traditions and celebrate the community.

Residents pour their creativity into crafting decorations for the minibus in the weeks prior to the parade, and for many it is a highlight of the year.

Lymm’s May Queen parade will take place on Saturday, May 18 at midday.


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